The Little Pie Truck

Who We Are

Chris Brumby serving up delicious pies

MYPIE is owned and operated by chef Chris Brumby who is serving up quality British-styled foods with a unique Australian twist. He is influenced by the flavours of his heritage to make MYPIE’s weekly changing menu unique, interesting and delicious.

Chris is a trained chef who learned the trade doing a four year apprenticeship in a Michelin equivalent restaurant in Australia and was Head Chef by age 23. He also did a short stint with Street Kitchen in 2012, and more recently, until 2014, he was the Executive Chef at Ben's Canteen.

MYPIE all began when Chris was at a food festival on Clapham Common. Served a very average pie and mash, with peas from a tin, that was £8, he knew he could do better. After much trial and error, he managed a better pie with better mash, better gravy, and definitely better peas.

MYPIE Hampshire steak with red jalapeños and smoked cheddar is easily the most popular pie — a request from a customer and they've never looked back. That pie has even won a silver medal at the British Pie Awards.