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Stokes Sauces

Stokes sauces garnish plates that are lovingly prepared with flavours to be savoured. If you take time to prepare the best tasting food, an inferior condiment will just not do …. Stokes only does delicious!

They're challenging the classic sauces convention and believe they can be better. The Stokes team are flavour aficionados on a quest to seek out the finest ingredients to remaster the nation’s favourite condiments.

In fact, there’s a world of flavour to be discovered in their sauces. Using Koroneiki extra virgin olive oil from Crete in their Mayonnaise and the juiciest Italian tomatoes in their Tomato Ketchup because they taste superb. Stokes always source responsibly, for example by choosing free range British eggs.

Go on a taste adventure with Stokes. Their sauces are making food memories happier …. And smiles even wider!

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